Arkwood is officially a carbon neutral company!

Becoming carbon neutral

As of 2023, we are proud to now be a Carbon Neutral Company. Protecting our environment is a responsibility that we all share. As a Landscape Architecture practice, we have to make a further commitment to continually assess the impact of our work. This is why we’re offsetting our carbon usage.

Our Carbon Offsetting Process?

We’ve have been tracking our carbon output from 2022 to 2023 (including power usage, water usage, commuting and travelling costs and energy used when working from home). We have also committed to reducing our carbon footprint by tracking our future use. We also monitor the carbon embodied in our projects and reduce this through innovative approaches to design and construction.

We are working with ClimatePartner to use this data to verify and calculate our carbon footprint. Offsetting involves donating resources to ‘offset’ the carbon we have used by planting trees, investing in renewable energy and supporting ocean protection and other projects. Through ClimatePartner, we are currently supporting in forest protection projects in Cujubim, Brazil. Our resources help to train local people in sustainable forest management, the maintenance of forest canopy cover and the protection of the forest’s wildlife species. If you want to read more about carbon offsetting, or the particular cause that we have donated to, click here. We are proud to now be a carbon neutral company.

How we maintain eco-friendly practice

At Arkwood, creating better access to nature and conducting eco-friendly practice is a large part of what we do. Ensuring that wherever possible, we use eco-friendly materials and work with clients to protect wildlife and increase biodiversity.

In many of our projects, methods such as using rubble from demolished buildings in the foundations of new structures or recycling old timber for new constructions are ways in which we ensure that projects are sustainable and climate-friendly wherever possible. Now more than ever due to the climate crisis, it is essential to have the local and global environment in mind when working with and improving public greenspace.

Hainault Ancient Forest, Hainault, London