Since 2017, we have been working with Vision Redbridge on the completion of the Hainault Ancient Forest project which included the regeneration of the woodland and grassland of Hainault. A considerable part of the project was the refurbishment, redevelopment and repurposing of the 19th century farm buildings. The Victorian buildings now house the community hub, workshops for local craftspeople, and an exhibition about the history of the site in the Woodland trust visitor centre. A new eco build playground has also been constructed to replace the previous playground, which we designed.

The woodland is home to over 1000 different species that have been documented and continues to be a large, biodiverse habitat in East London that we are pleased to have been a part of aiding in its protection and growth. The Hainault Forest woodland itself is a site of specific scientific interest (SSSI), and is protected due to this. We oversaw the restoration and management of the meadows, woodland, and an acid grassland that are located on this ecologically diverse site.

It has been incredibly rewarding to have been the Lead Consultants on this project, and overseeing the popular restoration of this busy destination in East London.